In biblical times, gleaning meant to look for left-over or missed produce. Landowners were mandated by law to ensure that sufficient un-harvested food was left to enable the poor, the migrant and the orphaned to survive.

Fraser Valley Gleaners (FVG) is a non-profit Christian organization operating in the same spirit.  Our primary purpose is to make dried soup mix and apple snacks for distribution, in the name of Christ, to some of the needy throughout the world. As a registerd Canadian charity, FVG is both volunteer and donor driven. 

Fresh and frozen produce is donated by a committed and growing set of produce partners.  On a daily basis, volunteers from many walks of life give of their time and energy to chop, slice, dice, scrape and mix our product.  We then release our finished product into the hands of reputable distribution partners to be shared throughout the developing world to those in greatest need.

We are seeking donated pulses as one of the key protein ingredients for this soup mix.  We would welcome all qualities of peas, lentils and beans to our centrally located drop-off bins in Saskatchewan. 

Please contact Mike Wonnick at with any questions and to arrange a convenient time for your product to be dropped off at our farm collection point.

Thank you for your interest in this project and for the good that it is doing for those less fortunate around the world.