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"Thanks to your support, my children now have a good diet and a variety of vegetables in their dishes. They are growing healthier and stronger, and I am very grateful to God for your support!" -Maria, Guatemala
Do you see the bag in this photo? That’s the nutritious soup mix you helped provide! Full of delicious veggies, this soup packs a nutritional punch. A bag like this holds 100 servings, helping families stay healthy and kids to get the important vitamins they need to grow.
Do you see the smiles on the faces of Maria’s family? That’s because of you!
Last summer, when food was hard to come by due to the pandemic and families were going hungry, you didn’t stand by. You sent dried soup mix to families like Maria’s in Guatemala, Burundi, and South Africa. Because of your generosity, parents like Maria didn't have to worry about how to put food on the table, which meant they could focus on caring for their kids and learning how to find a long-term sustainable solution, like growing a kitchen garden!
Thank you!