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Food Waste Recovery is a big deal here at Fraser Valley Gleaners - over 2 million pounds of it already this year and we still have a month to go.  We have 12 produce suppliers we partner with.  It's a win-win partnership that we are grateful for.  We help them by taking their unmarketable and surplus vegetables so they don't have to let them rot.  They help us by providing the product by which we can make soup mix to feed the hungry around the world!

Shout out to our Produce Suppliers:  Bakerview Greenhouses, BC Frozen, Canadian Farms, EV Logistics, Fresh For You Farms, Heppell's Potatoes, Lepp Farm Market, Loblaws, Millennium Pacific, Sunnyside Produce, Windset Farms, Wisbey Veggies.  THANK YOU!