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Volunteering Details:                                                            Updated on: January 21, 2021

• Volunteering is only by means of a  PHONE CALL and SIGNUP.   Phone: 604-870-9272  Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – noon.   Limit each day 25 volunteers. 

No walk-in volunteers, visitors or tours will be permitted – no exceptions.  No new volunteers or groups at this time.

Any volunteer living or working in community housing ie: Menno Place or Tabor Village, should not sign up at this time.   Do not sign up if you have been out-of-country (including USA) in the past 14 days.

• Stay home if you or a family member have been sick or had the flu in the past 14 days. Symptoms may include cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever chills. 

• Stay home if you have been in close contact with a person with a confirmed or presumed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

• You agree to use the personal protection protocols put in place at FVG Including:  - using proper hand-washing procedures.  - wearing a personal face mask while working at the plant.  FVG will provide ONE – bring your own if possible. - maintaining physical distancing where possible. 

When you commit to a volunteer spot, you are also acknowledging that you have read, understood and have accepted personal responsibility for the new operational protocols as outlined.  Additionally, you are accepting any and all possible risks associated with serving at FVG as a volunteer. FVG Details:

• All work areas, tools, equipment, and lunch room will be sanitized after every shift.                                   

• Coffee Time area will implement physical distancing.

• Our managers will keep you informed and ensure protocols are followed daily by having a meeting with volunteers at 8:30 AM.

Thank-you for your understanding and co-operation during this time.

Carl Goosen – General Manager