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Report from Zimbabwe Gecko Society through Compassionate Resource Warehouse: this container was shipped in December 2019.
Dear Dell Marie, Just wanted you to know that the Gleaners Food is literally saving lives. We have relied heavily on the soup mix which we are using with less water to serve as a vegetable daily with Maize Meal. Zimbabwe has most of its population going hungry and at least 50% starving. We serve the community of Saffron and Rasper - about 8,000 people in all. Our church, EFCCM and donors gave money to buy maize meal and the Gleaners Food completes the meal. The people love it. We are very careful in distribution. The Chiefs select the most vulnerable adults and we select the widows and orphans who come for a meal daily. They get one meal a day and that's it until the next day. We were serving all week except Saturday until we heard that the children had to go hungry until Sunday. Now we are feeding Gleaner Food 7 days a week and have been since the container with food arrived in March. Thank you so very much. This year we didn't ask for more boxes but God knew and put in at least an extra 100 boxes of the mix in the container with your help. Susan